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Riverside Medical Malpractice Attorney

Have you or someone you know been injured because a Riverside doctor did not provide you with proper medical care? If a doctor acted carelessly or negligently and caused you injury as a result, you may be able to take legal action in the form of a medical malpractice claim. This will give you the opportunity to seek justice and get money for your medical injuries.

The first step is to contact a Riverside medical malpractice attorney who can talk to you about what happened and determine whether you have grounds for legal action. These cases are often technical in nature and may be difficult to deal with, so we recommend seeking legal counsel as soon as possible.

Nursing Errors
Nurses play important roles in medical facilities. They carry out doctor's orders, monitor patients, tend to patients' needs and essentially act as patients' advocates. Accordingly, medical malpractice on the part of a nurse may have a serious impact on a patient. A patient may be seriously injured or may lose his or her life as the direct result of a nursing error. Overlooking a patient's complaints, taking too long to tend to a patient's needs, administering the wrong medication or the wrong dose, or forgetting to note down a symptom or treatment on a patient's charts are all examples of nursing malpractice that may adversely affect a patient. In these cases, the Riverside hospital or other medical facility where the incident occurred may be held accountable. By involving a lawyer, you can get helpful information regarding your options and rights in this matter. Click here to read more about nursing errors.

At Accident Lawyers, we are experienced, dedicated attorneys who represent injured patients throughout Riverside and the surrounding areas. We have more than 35 years of attorney experience to apply to our clients' cases and have dedicated our legal practice exclusively to injury law. For a free consultation regarding your case, feel free to call our law offices at 800-670-8142. We also offer our legal services at no cost to you unless we win your case.

Helping You Get Money for Your Medical Malpractice Claim

The purpose of a medical malpractice claim is twofold. First, it allows an injured patient to hold a negligent doctor or other medical professional responsible for his or her actions. Second, it allows the patient to seek and recover financial compensation for the injuries he or she has experienced. The financial compensation awarded in a Riverside medical malpractice case is meant to help the patient rebuild his or her life to a similar point as before the injury occurred, covering such damages as medical expenses, future medical care, lost earnings, loss of future earnings, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and psychological trauma as well.

Although the money awarded in a medical malpractice claim cannot make it so your injury never occurred, it can help you and your family face a more secure future.

Contact a Riverside Medical Malpractice Lawyer

There is no charge and no obligation when you contact a Riverside medical malpractice lawyer at our offices for a consultation. We handle all types of medical malpractice and medical negligence claims, including those that involve birth injuries, medication errors, medical errors, failure to diagnose, misdiagnosis, hospital errors, prescription errors, surgical injuries, doctor errors, postoperative infections, and much more.

Get started in receiving the help you need. Contact a Riverside medical malpractice lawyer at Accident Lawyers today!