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Medical Malpractice Attorney Serving Riverside

Medical Malpractice Overview

To have a true understanding of your legal rights and options in regard to medical malpractice or medical negligence, it is important to talk to attorney about your particular case. However, we have included some basic information about medical malpractice in the Riverside area that we hope you find helpful.

The term "medical malpractice" refers to any medical professional's failure to provide standard medical care or treatment to a patient, causing the patient injury as a result. This may take on many forms and may occur at virtually any point in the process of patient care, diagnosis, treatment, surgery, postoperative treatment or follow-up care. Birth injuries, medication errors, surgical injuries, nursing errors, misdiagnosis, prescription errors and the failure to diagnose a medical condition are all potential examples of medical malpractice that may give a patient the grounds to take legal action against the responsible doctor, nurse, surgeon or hospital.

When a patient files a Riverside medical malpractice claim, he or she seeks to hold the responsible medical professional or facility responsible for their failure to provide proper medical care. The injured patient seeks financial compensation for his or her injuries in the form of economic and non-economic damages, which may cover medical expenses, lost earnings, emotional trauma, pain and suffering and possibly more.

Proving Medical Malpractice in Riverside, CA

Proving that medical malpractice occurred may not be easy, particularly when you consider the fact that the medical field is highly technical in nature. There are thousands of different illnesses and diseases and different forms of treatment that may be considered "standard". To prove that malpractice occurred, your Riverside medical malpractice lawyer will typically need to work with expert witnesses in medicine and possibly other fields to communicate what occurred and how this was a deviation from medical standards.

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