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Failure to Diagnose an Illness or Injury

Riverside Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical malpractice does not always involve what a doctor does but also what he or she fails to do. The failure to diagnose a medical condition is a serious form of medical malpractice that may affect a patient's health and very life. If you or someone you love suffered injury because a doctor did not diagnose an illness or injury, you may have grounds for legal action. A Riverside medical malpractice attorney at our law firm can meet with you to talk about our options in this regard.

When a doctor first becomes involved with a patient, the goal will be to properly diagnose what medical condition the patient is suffering from. There are many of thousands of different types of illnesses, diseases and injuries, and a doctor will have to determine what condition a patient is suffering from in order to make an accurate diagnosis. In some cases, however, a Riverside doctor may be overworked, inexperienced, tired or simply careless and will not make a diagnosis. This failure to diagnose may mean that the patient is discharged from the hospital or facility even when he or she is suffering from a serious condition that needs immediate treatment. Cancer and heart attacks are two specific conditions that are deadly if a doctor does not make an early diagnosis.

Due to the serious impact that a failure to diagnose may have on a patient and his or her family, we believe it is of the utmost importance to represent our clients' interests in these matters and help them seek justice for what they have had to experience. At Pacific Attorney Group, we represent clients throughout Riverside and offer a free consultation to talk to you about your case.

Affected by a Riverside Doctor's Failure to Diagnose? Contact a Lawyer!

If you and your family have been affected by a doctor's failure to diagnose any type of injury or medical condition, do not wait to involve a competent attorney who can help you. Contact a Riverside medical malpractice lawyer at our law offices today.