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Medical Negligence Lawyer in Riverside

Medical negligence may be defined as the failure to any professional in the field of medicine to provide proper care to a patient, therefore causing the patient injury. Unfortunately, this is a possibility for any person who seeks medical treatment. All it takes is one mistake, a doctor forgetting to do something or a single act of carelessness for a patient to be seriously injured and facing a life that is entirely changed due to medical negligence.

Were you injured because of medical negligence? You may have the right to file a lawsuit against the doctor or other health care professional that caused your injuries. A Riverside medical negligence lawyer at our law firm can talk to you about this topic further to see if you have grounds for a lawsuit for your injuries.

How Medical Negligence Occurs

Medical negligence may occur when a medical professional is inexperienced, overworked, tired, careless or reckless. These cases most often involve a doctor forgetting to do something or failing to do something that should have been done to provide a patient with proper care, as opposed to intentional misconduct. Medical negligence may lead to medication errors, birth injuries, surgical injuries, misdiagnosis and a variety of other serious types of medical malpractice. Depending on the particular situation and what occurred, the patient may suffer from lasting injuries or may even lose their life.

Contacting a Riverside Medical Negligence Attorney

Contacting an attorney is important if you would like to make sure you have the option to move forward with a claim and get money for your injuries. With more than three decades of combined attorney experience and the resources to fully investigate your case, we can help you understand your rights and what can be done to represent your interests.

To get started in receiving the legal help you need, contact a Riverside medical negligence attorney at our law offices.